Learning Culture

Carr Lodge Learning Behaviours     

At Carr Lodge Academy we believe children need to have the correct climate for effective learning to take place. Our academy has created Learning Behaviours, with the children,  to explicitly teach pupils how to be an effective learner.   Our Learning Behaviour Characters are:                    

  • Resilient Rosie
  • Reflective Ronnie
  • Inquisitive Isaac
  • The Thinking Twins- Motivated Mo and Creative Chrissy
  • The Collaborative Crew
  • Mindful Mario
  • Vigilant Violet- our Social Superhero                                         

Please find the link our Learning Behaviours poster

Golden Rules

Our 5 Golden Rules are part of everything we teach. We believe our 5 Golden Rules are rules for life and prepare children for their life ahead teaching them about integrity and respect of themselves and others.

  • Keep everybody included
  • Keep being honest
  • Keep everyone safe
  • Keep everyone's property safe
  • Keep everyone learning