Term Time Childcare

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club opens at 7.30am.

The daily cost for breakfast time supervision and food is £5. Additional siblings are charged the discounted price of £3.



To drink-   Orange juice, apple juice, milk, water To eat-  Toast, bagels, crumpets, cereal, fruit bowl, yoghurt

Children can arrive any time from 7.30am onwards, although cooked breakfast is not available after 8.30am.

Where possible, children are encouraged to be independent and they help pour their own drinks and clear away their own plates.

Following breakfast club, staff will ensure that children arrive in class with their belongings for registration at the start of the school day.


After School Care

After School Care is available daily until 5.45pm.

The cost until 4.30pm is £5 per child.

The cost until 5.45 is £9 (with additional siblings charged the discounted price of £5).

For children who arrive later, following an extra-curricular activity, the cost is £5.

Kingfisher Childcare provides tea.



To drink- Orange juice/apple juice,  Squash- blackcurrant/orange, Milk, water

To eat- Fruit selection, yoghurt selection, Crackers and cheese/jam,  Breadsticks

Week 1: Monday Jacket potato with filling, Tuesday Hot Dogs, Wed Chicken nuggets and beans, Thurs Pizza, Friday Sandwich selection

Week 2: Monday Pizza, Tuesday Jacket potato with filling, Wed Spaghetti bol, Thur Burgers, Fri Sandwich selection

Week 3: Monday Jacket potato with filling, Tuesday Beans or spaghetti on toast, Wed Pizza, Thur Fish Finger Sandwich, Friday Sandwich selection

The above list of menu options is not exhaustive and does change from time to time. Sandwich fillings, fruit and vegetable choices are varied. Occasional treats are also available.