Physical Education

Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?  

Physical Education not only improves physical health, but it helps mental wellbeing, reduces stress, and improves concentration. A well-balanced PE curriculum should enable pupils to develop self-esteem and build confidence, both within the subject and within themselves as individuals. 

Physical activity has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and building relationships with others, so it is vital that the curriculum is relevant, and accessible for all staff to deliver with confidence. 

PE is much more than just the physical, which is why the ‘Your PE’ curriculum, which we have adopted at Carr Lodge Academy, is created around the core basis of: Head, Hand, and Heart. 

Our progression of skills documentation, knowledge organisers and vocabulary pyramids make clear links to prior and future knowledge, including for EYFS, as well as key knowledge and vocabulary that children should know. Knowledge builds from prior learning, with aspects studied more than once through school. Sequencing within a topic will build on prior learning and introduce the pupils to new contexts and links with other areas of learning. PE is taught twice weekly. 


What do we teach? What does this look like?  

Coherence and flexibility   

The PE Curriculum is structured in units, developing core fundamentals in EYFS and KS2, developing into more topic-specific skills in KS2. For these units to be coherent, the lessons within a unit must be taught in order. Across a year group, the units themselves do not need to be taught in any particular order, although when creating our long-term plan, we are considerate of our key concepts and how different skills transfer across units to create a flowing, coherent curriculum. 

External support 

Through the support of Activ8 Coaching, all staff will have the opportunity to work alongside a PE specialist to further support their development of knowledge and delivery in PE. This is implemented in a rolling format, offering opportunity for observation, team teaching and independent delivery from the class teacher. 

Inclusive and ambitious   

The ‘Your PE’ curriculum has been written to support all pupils. Each lesson is sequenced so that it builds on the learning from the previous lesson, every lesson offers simple differentiation through the STEP framework to ensure that all children are engaged and challenged. Differentiated activities may adapt an element of the activity (Space, Task/Time, Equipment, Participants), to reach the same learning goals as the rest of the class. Our range of units allow pupils to explore collaborative, competitive and creative opportunities to allow all to develop life skills that extend beyond the lesson. 

Carr Lodge P.E. Progression Overview